About B&B

We are a gifting company that brings together the finest, most unique products from around the world embodying celebrations, personal, and remembrance all in one perfect gesture. Here at Bloom & Blossom,designing is our reality. We allow you the luxury of gifting something DIFFERENT. We are inspired by EVERYTHING! So please enjoy as we bring our best to you. 
Hi There!
Thank you for visiting the Bloom & Blossom site! I'm excited that you're here! Gifting has always been a passion of mine since I was a teenager. I always wanted to give more than what I was seeing in the stores. It never felt right to just give someone a general gift card or just run to the store and get them something generic. I wanted them to know that I was really thinking of them when I purchased their gift. In addition to that, every other option was so boring! So I started to pull things together on my own and have fun with it! I would think of the recipient, what they liked, what their personality was like, their lifestyle and I would have an original design just for them!I love gifting, I get inspired by the smallest thing and then...*BAM*! I would be walking in aisle of a store and see an awesome product and another and another and the wheels start spinning! I love the thrill of putting different things together to create something different. Whether it's creating something for the B&B collection or custom gifts, I love it all! Bloom & Blossom is a play on words because it's a childhood dream (bloom) that is finally coming into it's own (blossom). I'm excited for you all to take this journey with me and see all of my crazy designs and what I come up with next! Subscribe to our newsletter to keep up with all the details!